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  • Why take the ice bath?

    There’s nothing quite like the shock of an ice bath. Your body is resisting. Your mind is telling you no but once you take the plunge, you will be rewarded. You are taking control and showing your mind and body who is in the driver’s seat. Ph
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  • Why Choose an Inflatable?

    I recommend a good inflatable SUP over any non-inflatable paddle board. Why? I’ve listedmy top reasons in the following. An Inflatable SUP Is Cheaper TheAftersea SUPis usually around USD200. This is a crazy good deal. Many of the non-inflatable b
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  • What is cold water therapy?

    For centuries, cold water immersion has been used for relaxation and medicinal purposes as well as for socialization. Also known as cold hydrotherapy, cold water therapy is the practice of using water that is approximately 59°F (15°C) to treat hea
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  • Ten reasons to choose a frame swimming pool

    The frameswimming pool equips many homes and bringmuch funnyevery day. Find out what are the reasons for choosing a frameswimming pool and what advantages it offers. An affordable price The first advantage of a frameswimming pool is theprice. It is a g
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  • 7 Cold Therapy Tips for Beginners

    1.Prepare mentally and physically for the experience. 2.Don’t push too hard, it’s not a competition. 3.Go easy on the water temperature at the beginning. 4.Don’t stay in your ice bath too long even if it’s tempting. 5.Have a buddy
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